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Hair Lounge Salon in Washington DC has appeared in national and local magazines for recognition and awards for the Best Colorist In DC, Best Hair Cut In DC, and Best Blowout In DC. Read about it!

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The color experts at this upper georgetown salon have snipped and styled the likes of Jessica Alba and Bobbi Brown, which means patrons arrive here expecting and receiving star treatment. Co-owner Daniel Levy trained in paris under the renowned Bruno Dessange, and his signature upper northwest blonde custom color mix has become one of the most sought-after services at Hair Lounge Salon. Custom color is what the worldly stylists (they hail from Morocco, Paris, and Turkey, lending serious international flair) here do best, as proven by the haute heads leaving the salon.

The Washington Post Business

Daniel levy noticed that clients at his glover park hair salon, hair lounge, were stretching their appointments from four weeks to five weeks as the economy began to sour. So this month, he launched a promotion called blondes on a budget that gives loyal customers discounts for their regular visits.

It’s important for people to look good, especially in hard times like today,” Levy said. “let’s boost the economy back up.

DC Modern Luxury

Great hair seems to come effortlessly to the stylists at Hair Lounge. The styles are modern and polished, and leave you poised for a perfect stroll down the aisle. Consult with them early to decide on your ideal do.

Washington Business Journal

Who’s Giving: Hair Lounge Salon and Wella International, a salon products business

Who’s Receiving: Georgetown University Lombardi Patient’s Assistance Fund

What’s being given: $1,000

Background: A small evening event Feb. 4 at the Hair Lounge Salon in upper Georgetown kicked off the salon’s three-month fundraiser for the Lombardi Patient’s Assistance Fund. That night’s raffle of Wella hair products and a complementary haircut garnered almost $1,000 to seed the fund. Additional contributions will be generated from a percentage of the salon’s services and sales through april, and the salon will also be collecting head scarves. The Lombardi Assistance Fund is designed to help the hospital’s cancer patients financially as they go through treatments by aiding in transportation to and from treatments, rent, mortgage and utility payments, child care and medications.

few words from the sponsor: “We are delighted to have found such an important charity with which to partner,” says Daniel Levy and Serkan Sut, co-owners of the Hair Lounge Salon. “the type of support the Lombardi Patient’s Assistance offers helps cancer patients retain their dignity during very stressful times in their lives.”


Hair Lounge Salon is so honored to have been able to assist the wives of our nation’s military on Friday March 22nd. We partnered up with Luke’s Wings Organization and treated 4 women to a makeover and hair styling, while our friend lizzeth gutierrez provided their makeup. Take 5 boutique, who brings Europe’s high fashion to bethesda so graciously styled the women for the evening and gifted them their outfit selections! This truly was a special evening and such an honor.

The Georgetown Current

We start with the initial consultation, but we continue the process, Levy said. We have our coloring technique, and after each coloring we give a treatment to ensure that the hair is shiny and soft. We take each step seriously. Services include traditional cuts, blow-drying and straightening techniques, as well as a variety of color treatments.

The Georgetowner

A Lounge Just For Hair

By Charlene Louis

Events, parties and celebrations are as traditional as christmas trees, menorahs, and champagne during the holidays… So is finding the perfect look for the season. The best way to create the perfect holiday look is to have the perfect holiday hair style. Whether is a great cut or the perfect coloring, having a fabulous hairstyle during the holidays can make any outfit look its best!

Hair Lounge Salon, located in upper Georgetown, is one of the best locations to create the perfect look for any celebration. Upon walking into hair lounge salon it is clear to see that professionalism and a personalized sense of care is very important. The salon’s clean lines and claming atmosphere will give any client the feeling of confidence before even sitting in a chair.

Owners Daniel Levy and Serkan Sut, and their many other trained colorists and stylists are skilled in making sure that every hairstyle reflects one’s inner beauty on the outside. Known for their coloring technique, it is clear that the basics are very important to them. Daniel Levy is very adamant that to have a great color, a stylist must know the basics and have a really good understanding of hair. In fact, Daniel is very particular about what he uses on any client’s hair. In fact he is a huge fan of Wella products, which add moisture with any coloring procedure. Being that Wella products are low in odor and do not give that “Burning effect” makes each coloring process enjoyable instead of risky and itchy. They also feel that experience is key.

Daniel Levy has spent the last 20 years doing hair and yet he still feels that he can learn more. Serkan himself has spent years in europe and all over dc styling hair. Though they are confident in their skills, they both continue to attend seminars and classes in order to always be in the know.

As our georgetowner hair model relaxed and enjoyed a most enjoyable scalp massage (actually she was having her hair washed, but it could have easily have been confused as one). I had a chance to sit with Daniel and Serkan to get an understanding on why great hair was so important to them. They explained to me that great hair is more than the latest style or trend. To have great hair, it all about maintenance and having the perfect look for you. “You may want hair like, [insert celebrity hair style you admire] but is that look really meant for you?” but don’t worry, you will still leave their salon feeling like a celebrity. They believe that is a person’s hair looks great, the person feels great. And when that person feels great, daniel and Serkan know they have done their job.

Getting one’s hair colored is one thing but it is never as traumatic as getting one’s hair cut. A color can be fixed but once a cut is made.. It’s made Hair Lounge Salon is one location that strives to make sure every cut is a perfect cut. Just like any artist, every stroke made with the sessoirs created beautiful undetectable layers and created body to even the thinnest hair. After meeting with daniel and serkan it was clear that hair was their passion and that they wish to make every styling experience a memorable one. In fact our own hair model vowed to return in order to experience the wonderful service she received! Having great hair does not require a personal style team, but it does require someone who cares about your hair. To find out more about the hair lounge salon, visit their website at

Washingtonian Weekends

Happy Hour

To make clients more relaxed, some salons offer wine with a haircut. some are even shaking things up with martinis.

by Lynne Shallcross

When you leave a salon after a great haircut, you can feel on top of the world. but salons want you to feel that way from the moment you walk in – so some offer a glass of pinot grigio with your haircut or a back massage with your shampoo.

At the Hair Lounge Salon in Georgetown, clients are treated to a glass of wine with their cut. “I think the client deserves much more than water,” says owner Serkan Sut. Customers can choose among pinot grigio, chardonnay, and merlot. The salon goes through white wine faster, but sut says he notices a subtle divide: women getting haircuts opt for white; coloring clients choose red.

Does a glass of wine lead to a longer appointment? It can, Sut says. While a women’s haircut at some salons can take a half hour to 45 minutes, cuts at the hair lounge can last 45 minutes to an hour, and the salon gets busier after 4pm. “People come, get a glass of wine and a cut and color, and just relax.”

DC Modern Luxury

Hair Lounge Salon was honored to accept DC Modern Luxury’s Best Salon for Blondes Award in their June 2016 issue. Owner Daniel Levy proudly coined the term upper northwest blonde and is known for creating the perfect blonde highlights using a customized formula for each of his clients. To get the perfect shade of DC blonde, book an appointment at Hair Lounge Salon.

Hair Lounge Salon displays awards and press for best colorist in DC and best haircut in DC on the wall.

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Marijus Petrusonis
Marijus Petrusonis
August 12, 2021.
Great, professional and friendly service. Manu is a master. Love my haircut.
James P. Pinkerton
James P. Pinkerton
April 14, 2021.
I have been a fan of, and customer of, Daniel for nearly two decades, having followed him from venue to venue. He's terrific at what he does--and, to boot, he has wry way about him..
February 6, 2021.
The best hair salon on the planet I can NEVER match my haircut or color anywhere else--not NYC, not Boston, not California--I wish Daniel could be cloned
Diana Huffman
Diana Huffman
August 4, 2020.
Daniel has adopted very strict safety protocols. I feel absolutely safe going there. In fact his procedures are better than I have seen at other establishments. It is important to support small businesses like The Hair Lounge. My cut and color are always perfect!!
Annick Nemirovsky
Annick Nemirovsky
June 23, 2020.
He is especially prepared for the safety of clients in terms of covid19...... very impressive!!
Jennifer Herrington
Jennifer Herrington
June 21, 2020.
Amazingly clean and safe place to have your hair done - post- COVID modifications are very considerate. As a healthcare worker I felt very comfortable being there. Since coming here I get frequent compliments on my hair color. Well worth the trip from Alexandria. Very professional and kind staff. Mystik is amazingly talented.
Chelsea Benoit
Chelsea Benoit
March 20, 2020.
Daniel has been making me feel beautiful for the last 3 years with natural blonde highlights and great cuts. Always very meticulous making sure my highlights are just right. Couldn’t ask for better...thank you!
Carine Menache
Carine Menache
July 16, 2019.
Daniel is by far the best colorist i have seen ..very meticulous and perfectionist. He also has a good team around him. i am coming all the way from Europe as much as i can, to get my hair done.. I also like the products he uses that don't damage the hair.