Has someone’s hairstyle ever caught your attention? You love the way it frames her smile or draws attention to his eyes. How did that person find the perfect hairstyle? The right cut showcases your best features and complements your overall appearance. While many factors go into choosing a hairstyle, finding one that suits the shape of your face is a great place to start.  

How do I identify my face shape? 

Most people have a distinct face shape. Six common categories include oval, long, square, round, heart, and diamond-shaped. Try taking a photo of yourself facing the camera with your hair pulled back or out of your face. Trace around the outside of your face and determine what shape it resembles. You might try measuring your face from brow width to cheekbones and jawline, and then from forehead to chin. If the length and width are the same, you might have a round or square face. If it is wider at the top than bottom, you might have a heart-shaped face. Of course, your personality and lifestyle will influence your hairstyle, as will your hair texture and length. Think about all of these components when talking to your stylist about your hair.  

What hairstyle suits my oval face? 

Is your face oval? You are lucky. You have well-balanced features that can host a variety of hairstyles. A center part with soft waves will look amazing on an oval face. If you prefer short hair, ask your hair professional about a blunt bob with subtle layers. Blunt and side-swept bangs straightened with a flat iron adds drama to an oval shape. A shaggy pixie cut will scream “notice me” to passersby. Oval faces also look amazing with defined layers that fall around the jawline.  

What hairstyle suits my long face? 

Your lean and long face offers many style possibilities. Long flat hair does not really flatter a long face, so seriously consider a shorter style or one with a lot of volume. Consider adding bangs to your style, as this will shorten your face and bring out your eyes. Also, look at a deep side part. It is an easy change, and draws attention across the face rather than down it. A super short pixie may not be your first thought, but adding curls to it can balance width with volume. 

What hairstyle suits my square face? 

Your square face offers gorgeous wide cheekbones and a strong jawline. A look that complements this face shape starts with a defined side part. If you are looking to soften these features, long and airy layers will do the trick. Stay away from chin length bobs and opt for shoulder length hair with a choppy texture or tousled curls. Your stylist can also experiment with wispy layers, long side-swept fringe and styles that offer volume around the crown of your head. 

What hairstyle suits my round face? 

Round faces were admired during the Renaissance as they represented health and prosperity. Current trends opt to make round faces appear longer, and that can be accomplished with cuts that add definition and shape. Opt for long and staggered layers that start just below your jawline. Steer clear of single length bobs or tight curls. Your stylist might recommend a center part, long bob or a short style with lots of top volume. Round faces look good with shaggy and uneven layers. 

What hairstyle suits my heart-shaped face? 

You should love your heart-shaped face with broad cheekbones and a subtle chin line. Balance your face with a long side swept bang. Try beachy waves or defined curls starting below the ear. A pixie cut with a side part and lots of texture will also look amazing on a heart-shaped face. Play with mid length hair heavily layered around your face. It is no wonder that a soft and a romantic face framing hairdo will do wonders for a heart-shaped face. Keep your bangs light and airy. 

What hairstyle suits my diamond-shaped face? 

Your diamond-shaped face can sparkle when you pull it back. Let your face do the talking with a high ponytail to balance your cheekbones. Chin length bobs with lots of volume will look terrific on you. Deep side parts add drama to your look. Your symmetry will be covered with straight long layers or big bouncy curls. The goal is to accentuate your elegant features and balance where your chin narrows. Change it up with tousled soft bangs just above your eyes. 

How can I find just the right hairstyle for me? 

The very best place to start is with your hair professional. Your stylist will get to know your hair and your preferences. You might want something low maintenance that will dry flawlessly on your daily commute. You might love to primp your crown and won’t leave the house until your coif is just right. In addition to your face shape, your hair texture, length and color will also help determine your look. If you wear glasses or like to rock awesome earrings, your haircut will make a difference.  The right hairstyle builds your confidence and make a big difference in how you view your reflection. Trust the amazing stylists at the Hair Lounge Salon in convenient Northwest Washington DC. We listen to what you want and use our extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the latest trends to transform your hair into the best cut you’ve ever had.  Are you looking for the best men’s haircut in DC? Your search stops at the Hair Lounge Salon. Ladies, how about a new look for your new beginning? You belong at the Hair Lounge Salon. Award winning service and top-notch color, cut and style services await you. Turn that spark into a flame with a bold new style from the Hair Lounge. Schedule your appointment today at 202 337 0951.

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